This blog will follow the making of the Radio Documentary ‘Diabulimia: The Hidden Struggle’ that will explore the unknown world of Diabulimia – an eating disorder which occurs in Diabetics who deliberately take too little insulin to lose weight. This blog will include audio and video clips, as well as different plans and interviews for the documentary and personal perspective blog posts about how I feel the documentary is progressing.

About the project:

My name is Charlotte Petty and I am a 20 year old Multimedia Journalism student at Bournemouth University.

As part of my third and final year, I have to create an MMP – Major Multimedia Project – about a topic and in the format of my choice. I have decided to create a radio documentary and an online multimedia blog for my project about raising awareness and exploring the unknown world of Diabulimia – a diabetic specific eating disorder.

I have chosen Diabulimia for my documentary as I feel it is an important issue that has little to no awareness. When researching into it and discussing the topic with my peers, I found that not a single person had even heard of it and that there hasn’t been much research into this, which is why i’m hoping my documentary will raise more awareness.


‘Diabulimia: The Hidden Struggle’ – The Documentary

After months of research, interviews and editing, the documentary is finally complete! Please give the documentary a listen and explore the rest of the blog to see how everything came together to create ‘Diabulimia: The Hidden Struggle’…

(1) Officially finished!

‘Diabulimia: The Hidden Struggle’ is officially a complete project! I have spent today completing all of my paperwork to hand in and submitted everything for this project! I am so grateful for all of the people  that have contributed to this project and have let me share their personal stories about their struggles with Diabulimia. … Continue reading

(2)So close yet so far…

Only 2 days left until the deadline!! It’s getting close to the end of the project and almost time to reveal the final documentary! Today I have made the last few editorial changes to the documentary and it is now officially finished! I am extremely happy with the final product. There are a few things … Continue reading

(3) Editorial Guidelines

For this project, I had to choose a radio station which I would broadcast my station and I chose BBC Radio 1,  as this station produces documentaries about mental health and personal struggles. Also, the demographic for Radio 1 is aged 15-29, which is the age of most Diabulimia sufferers so it seems the most … Continue reading

(4) Ethics

As a journalist, there is an expected ethical standard to uphold when telling a story. The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has a code of conduct which sets out the main principles for a journalist to follow. According to the NUJ’s code of conduct, a journalist: At all times upholds and defends the principle of … Continue reading

(7/6/5) Busy few days…

Hello! The countdown towards the deadline has hit a small bump as I have had a busy few days with other engagements! The past few days have consisted of packing, moving and working, so I have had to put the project to one side to organise the other parts of my life so I can … Continue reading

(8) Confidence boost

8 days left! Today I continued to write my justification, but I also went back and got in contact with my interviewees. I have finished the draft for ‘Diabulimia: The hidden struggle’ and decided to send it to my interviewees to get their opinions and double check they approve of everything as it is a … Continue reading