(3) Editorial Guidelines

For this project, I had to choose a radio station which I would broadcast my station and I chose BBC Radio 1,  as this station produces documentaries about mental health and personal struggles. Also, the demographic for Radio 1 is aged 15-29, which is the age of most Diabulimia sufferers so it seems the most appropriate aged audience.

As my documentary is made to broadcast for BBC Radio 1, I had to follow the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines:

Section 3: Accuracy

  • The BBC is committed to achieving due accuracy
  • This commitment is fundamental to our reputation and the trust of audiences, which is the foundation of the BBC.
  • The accuracy must be adequate and appropriate to the output, taking account of the subject and nature of the content.
  • Accuracy is not simply a matter of getting facts right.  If an issue is controversial, relevant opinions as well as facts may need to be considered.  When necessary, all the relevant facts and information should also be weighed to get at the truth.

Section 6: Fairness, Contributors and Consent 

  • The BBC strives to be fair to all – fair to those our output is about, fair to contributors, and fair to our audiences.
  • BBC content should be based on respect, openness and straight dealing.
  • We also have an obligation under the Ofcom Broadcasting Code to “avoid unjust or unfair treatment of individuals or organisations in programmes”.

Section 18.10.1: Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Rights 

  • Intellectual property rights include:
    • copyright
    • moral rights
    • performers’ rights
    • trade marks
    • patents and designs
    • rights to prevent “passing off” and breach of confidence..

These 3 Editorial Guidelines were the main to consider during my project.

Accuracy will always be a consideration for a journalist i any work they do. We need to make sure everything we report and broadcast is accurate and is not changed or manipulated from it’s original meaning. For my project, I made sure all of my interviewees were happy with everything I had used in my documentary and approved of all soundbites used.

Fairness and Consent was a major consideration with this project as it is such a serious and personal topic. I made sure all interviewees were fully aware of the questions I would ask and that the interview was to be recorded and broadcast and I had consent from each of my interviewees.

Copyright is always a consideration with journalism, in particular in broadcast. For this project I was compliant in making sure all music and images were copyright/royalty free.


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