(8) Confidence boost

8 days left! Today I continued to write my justification, but I also went back and got in contact with my interviewees.

I have finished the draft for ‘Diabulimia: The hidden struggle’ and decided to send it to my interviewees to get their opinions and double check they approve of everything as it is a sensitive topic. And the feedback received has been a massive confidence boost for myself and the project (hence the title of this post)!


These are 2 of the comments I received from 2 of my interviewees regarding the draft of the documentary! Reading these made me feel so confident and proud of the work I have done, not just in this project, but for Diabulimia in general. Receiving positive feedback from people that Diabulimia has affected and having them show their support for the project makes me feel proud of what I have achieved and I hope this documentary can be used to help raise awareness and support for Diabulimia sufferers.

Still, there is a lot more to do and I’m excited to share the finished product with you all very soon!

8 days and counting…


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