(1) Officially finished!

‘Diabulimia: The Hidden Struggle’ is officially a complete project!

I have spent today completing all of my paperwork to hand in and submitted everything for this project!

I am so grateful for all of the people  that have contributed to this project and have let me share their personal stories about their struggles with Diabulimia. My interviewees are what have made me so proud of the documentary, speaking to me about what they went through and sharing how important they think it is for there to be more awareness and more support to stop Type 1 Diabetics from falling into this life-changing eating disorder.

I am extremely proud of everything I have done towards this project. It’s been tough at times and there are lots of things I would change if I had more time, but I am still so proud and overwhelmed with how this project has turned out.

The main reason I feel proud is because of how serious and important it is to raise awareness for Diabulimia and I hope that my documentary can be helpful in accomplish this! Some of my interviewees have requested I send them my finished documentary so they can use it in their work to raise awareness and support for Diabulimia and I’m so happy my work could potentially help to prevent or support someone suffering with this!

Thank you all for following the project and for all the supportive comments I have received throughout! I can’t wait to share the documentary with you all!



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