Production progress 2…

There is officially 1 minute of my documentary completed!

I know that doesn’t sound like a lot and I have a lot more editing to go, but having a starting point is a great mile stone when it coms to editing and producing a documentary.

Obviously this is just an initial rough version and I expect it will be changed numerous times before myself and my tutor are happy with it, but I am happy with the way it sounds so far. I have decided to start my documentary with strong, emotional clips to pull in the reader and show the seriousness of the issue my documentary is covering.

This image is what my documentary looks like so far.


I hope to have completed a rough draft of the full 7 minutes within the next few days and am trying to stick to my documentary plan as much as possible. But with editing, the angle and structure can change in an instant, so I will try to keep my blog updated throughout the process!

But for now, I am pleased to have officially started editing and have the beginnings of my documentary on the go!


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