Production progress 1

The editing process has officially begun! This is a time for part celebration and part fear as this is where the hard work begins.

I have done all of my interviews, cut them up into individual clips and am now in the process of setting up a rough storyboard to get started on making this documentary.

The official interview line up is:

  • Asha Brown
  • Claire Kearns
  • Dr Chris Garrett
  • Emma Curran

I had also done an interview with Diabetic Nurse Janet James, but due to the limited length of time allowed for the documentary, I have made the executive decision to just include the other 4 interviews in the main doc. I will post my interview with Janet and the extra audio from all of my interviews on this blog once production is finished, as I have over 2 hours worth of interviews and appreciate every second my interviewees have spent talking to me about this issue.

I plan on blogging throughout the editing process, to keep both you and myself informed about the progress I am making and any changes I am doing. Wish me luck!


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