Interviews and updates

The project is officially underway now, so I thought I would post an update on what has already happened and what I have coming up!

To start with, I have an update on my list of interviewees for this project and I am overwhelmed with the people that are willing to speak to me about Diabulimia:

  • Asha BrownType 1 Diabetic, Former Diabulimia Sufferer and Founder and Executive Director of We Are Diabetes

  • Dr Christopher Garrett – Diabetes and Psychiatry Clinical Research Fellow who deals with long term therapy of Diabulimia Sufferers

  • Emma Curran – Event Organiser at Diabetes UK, Type 1 Diabetic with experience and research into Diabulimia

  • Dr Janet James – Diabetes Specialist Nurse and Bournemouth University Lecturer

  • Charlie Kinsella – Type 1 Diabetic, University Student

What interviews have already been complete?

I have already completed the interview with my main case study Asha Brown and have set dates and times to complete the rest of my interviews.

The interview with Asha went incredibly well. We ended up speaking for 30 minutes all about her experience with Diabulimia and how it affected her life, in terms or her relationships, job and her health. She also spoke about how her experiences with Diabulimia inspired her to create We Are Diabetes and why she felt it was important to do this and to raise more awareness.

It was really inspiring speaking to Asha about her struggle and the strength she had to admit that she was suffering and to push herself through her recovery and to then work towards helping others that are going through the same thing she did. I can’t wait to start the production and editing of the documentary and bring all of my interviews together to raise awareness and show the hidden struggle of Diabulimia.


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