Pitch Feedback

I have completed the Pitch required for my MMP and I received 73% which I am extremely proud to have got as this equates to a 1st. I received both positive and constructive feedback from my supervisors and am now excited to get on and properly start my project and speak to all of my interviewees about this important topic.

Here is the feedback I received from my supervisors:

A strong pitch with a highly original story, which fits into the wider context of eating disorders sharing with the audience this new and relatively uncovered aspect. We were struck by the way you connected those that are affected by this with the audience in terms of raising awareness about this issue and the case studies were very well chosen to give a reflective tone to the piece from a late 20’s former sufferer as well as young people who are engaging in it. This is compelling journalism. You noted that music is important for radio 1 but do bear in mind that this could be a simple and low level mood music bed rather than illustrative mixes .. all to be discussed further with your supervisor. The blog was well defined and already in development in terms of sections etc., also social media.

Make sure that the stories are accompanied by good actuality, narration, creative structuring to engage your R1 audience. Well done!


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