As part of my project, I had to complete a pitch to a panel – including my tutor and second marker – as I would have to do in the industry to propose my initial ideas and plans for the project. The purpose of doing this is to receive immediate feedback to help form a solid plan for the project and things to possibly include or change.

What did I include in my pitch?

My idea and why I chose it…

  • My idea for my Radio Documentary MMP is an insight and exploration into ‘Diabulimia’
  • Diabulimia = is an eating disorder which can be formed by Type 1 Diabetic who deliberately take too little insulin for the purpose of weight loss
  • I chose this topic because it is an important issue that not many people now about and that doesn’t have much awareness around it
  • There aren’t many accurate statistics on it because it is such a hidden and unknown thing to happen
  • I want to show the darker/hidden side to Diabetes

Which radio station would be my target publication?

  • I believe the best radio station to use as my target publication is BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat Stories
  • They have both male and female listeners, so there is a wider range of people hearing it and there is no gender-bias
  • In a recent report, Radio 1 has 9.9 million weekly listeners and reaches 36% of all 15-24 year olds in UK
  • Radio 1 Newsbeat does lots of documentaries about health and lifestyle so it would be suitable under this section of Newsbeat Stories

What Interviews have I got planned and/or secured already?

Secured interviews:

  • Asha Brown: Former Diabulimia Sufferer and Founder and Executive Director of We Are Diabetes
  • Asha was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 5 years old and had struggled with diabulimia and her insulin intake for years, throughout high school and college.
  • She started her recovery in 2009 and since then has founded her own organisation to help people struggling diabetes and diabulimia and provides support and aid to these people and their families.
  • Daisy Figg: Type 1 Diabetic who has had serious fluctuations with her weight and insulin intake
  • Charlie Kinsella:  Type 1 Diabetic, never had a problem with weight but understands the struggle and how easy it is to focus on weight and how controlling your own insulin is hard. I also want Charlie to describe a bit more about the ‘ins and outs’ of diabetes

Possible Interviews:

  • I am going to try to get a few more case studies, just to make sure I have lots of in depth and personal stories about Diabulimia and hoe sufferers feel about awareness and support
  • I would also like to get a psychologist or medical persons opinion and POV of Diabulimia and understand the repercussions and what can happen to your mental and physical health

Blog structure:

  • My blog has 4 pages: Blog, About, Support, Contact
  • The Blog section will have all of my posts, features, video and audio so this will be the main and most interactive section of my blog
  • The About section is all about what my blog and documentary is about and why I have chosen it.
  • The Support section will have links to helplines and support groups that people can go to if they want to talk to anyone about any issues raised
  • And the Contact page just allows people to contact me if they have anything they want to know or say in private

Social Media:

  • Most of the traffic for my blog and documentary will come from social media
  • It is such a huge platform – best way to get the most views and shares and be interactive
  • Twitter and Facebook are the two social media platforms I will be using

Music and Colour:

  • As my documentary is on a sensitive topic, the music and colour will have to appropriate
  • I will use slower songs behind more in-depth interviews and use more upbeat songs underneath positive interviews

I think my pitch went quite well based on the feedback I received from the panel, which was very positive. They said I had covered all of the elements to the project in the pitch and seem to have a good lead on the angle and story I want to tell. They had a suggestion to link all eating disorders to the documentary and diabulimia is diabetes specific so some people may not want to listen if it has no chance of effecting them, which I think was a great point and I will try to incorporate that into my documentary.


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