Officially starting the project…

Hello and welcome to the official blog for the Radio Documentary ‘Diabulimia: The hidden struggle’.

This blog post is just an initial welcome and discussion of what I have planned for this documentary and the blog alongside it.

My initial angle for this documentary is an insight and exploration into the hidden side to Type 1 Diabetes and to raise awareness around the issue.

I plan on using in depth case studies as the main content for my documentary. I have secured an interview with a Type 1 Diabetic who suffered with Diabulimia, who then went on to become the Founder of an organisation specific for Diabetics and Diabulimia.

I have also secured interviews with Type 1 Diabetics who, although have no specifically had Diabulimia, understand the struggles with weight fluctuation linked with taking insulin and how they understand people can get into suffering with Diabulimia.

I have had an initial meeting with my documentary tutor and she has supported my idea and helped me with a few ideas on how to produce my documentary. As it is just the start of this project, my theme and ideas are probably likely to change throughout, so this is just my initial idea for the project and blog.

I hope to keep my blog as updated as possible and post about the different steps I have taken in this blog and I hope to share features, posts and content that I have done and that I have seen and shared on WordPress from other bloggers.


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